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Corporate housing: A comforting solution to the unexpected

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A home, when yours isn’t available

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare: A flood, a fire, storm damage or even a renovation gone wrong. Suddenly the roof over your head isn’t there any more, and won’t be for a while.

Your first call is to your insurance company, and your second may be to friends or family members to let them know you’re all right. But then you’re faced with the larger problem: Where will you and your family live while the repairs are made to your home?

‘Executive suites’ aren’t just for relocating employees

We know that people often use the term ‘executive suites’ for furnished accommodation, but in fact much of what we do is to provide homes to people who (temporarily) can’t live in their own.

When flood or fire damage requires weeks to clean up, or repairs to storm damage means your home will be unavailable for months, corporate housing is often recommended by insurance companies. Generally speaking, their goal is provide you with a home comparable to the one that’s been damaged. Executive suites combine all the benefits of a hotel and those of a private house: Comfortable beds with clean linen, immediate availability, and housekeeping – plus a ‘real’ kitchen, living room, and space to relax without having to use the bed as a sofa.

Most important, for many of our guests with children, a furnished suite is more like a proper home, allowing you to be self-sufficient and eat meals at a real kitchen table and do laundry when it’s convenient, minimizing the disruption to family life that can be one of the worst parts of finding yourself temporarily homeless all of a sudden.

If you’ve been bunking in with the in-laws or worried about a long-term displacement, give us (or your insurance company) a call. It may be time for a better solution.

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