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Why should you look for the CHPA accreditation when choosing a corporate housing provider?

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Today Living Group is CHPA certified

Corporate Housing Providers meet high standards

Corporate housing is known by many names:  Furnished suites, furnished accommodations, serviced apartments, executive suites, temporary housing – we know it can be confusing.

At the end of the day, however, the terminology doesn’t matter, because the goal is the same: To provide people with furnished accommodations that allow them to have a ‘home away from home’ when their own home isn’t available for an extended period of time.

As we’ve discussed before, it’s often the little things that really make or break a successful temporary relocation. But it can be hard to assess the ‘little things’ when you’re arranging for accommodations without being able to visit them first, or when you – as an insurance adjuster, HR manager or family member – are arranging accommodations on behalf of someone else.

That’s where the CHPA – Corporate Housing Providers Asssociation – comes in. By offering both a CCHP (Certified Corporate Housing Professional) designation for individuals, and the CHPA Company Accreditation program for companies, their goal is to ensure that clients have a standard by which to measure a corporate housing partner – even if they can’t see a suite in person for themselves.

The CHPA criteria and code of ethics

We encourage you to check out the details of CHPA company accreditation for yourself, but they include:

  • Adherence to  code of ethics that includes a commitment to industry best practices, actively promoting the corporate housing industry across all practitioners, and ensuring that all marketing and sales materials are legal, truthful and accurate
  • Being CHPA accredited means being a member of CHPA in good standing for a minimum of 3 consecutive years
  • At least one executive in the company must have the CCHP certification (we have 3 employees with that certification)
  • Participation in industry events – which includes good relationships with other corporate housing providers across North America
  • Good financial standing (which is verified)

In other words, when you choose a corporate housing provider who is CHPA accredited, and has at least one employee with a CCHP certification, you can feel pretty confident that the accommodations you book will meet or exceed your expectations.

Why is this important to us?

In addition to the very real reassurance that CHPA certification can provide to clients, we’ve been involved with CHPA in Canada since the beginning. The Canadian Advisory Group, of which our President, Michelle White, continues to work with corporate housing providers and industry stakeholders to improve the professionalism, standardization and awareness of corporate housing, and what it means to clients, guests and communities.

This isn’t just another logo we put at the bottom of their website or marketing materials to give us some credibility – this represents a real commitment to improving corporate housing for everyone involved.

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