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Welcome to your home away from home!

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Because when it comes to extended-stay housing, service is important

As the leading independent corporate housing provider in Toronto for more than 20 years, we’re often asked how we do it:  How to we continue stay successful and independent in a landscape which seems to push everyone towards big corporate conglomerates?
We think it comes down to three simple things.

1. We’re 100% Canadian (and so is most of the stuff in our suites)

You probably already know that we’re famous for having our own proprietary, bedbug-preventing linens and bedding in all our suites. And that we’re proudly Canadian-owned.
But you may not know that virtually everything in our furnished suites, from linens to furnishings to toiletries, are also Canadian-made. When you’ve been in the industry as long as we have, you learn that it almost always makes sense to choose Canadian suppliers whenever possible. It’s the quality, reliability and sustainability that we feel good about – and our guests notice.

2. We get to know our clients and guests

Many of our corporate and insurance clients have been working with us for years, and some of our guests have been staying in TLG suites every time they’ve come to town for 10 years or more. Why? Because as a boutique corporate housing provider, we’re able to get to know our clients and guests in a way that the big corporate guys just can’t. We know the neighborhoods they like best, whether they need the fridge stocked upon arrival – even which kind of pillows they prefer.

It’s this kind of long-term relationship that ensures that everyone who stays with us really does feel like a TLG suite is just as good as home (and sometimes a little better).

3. We make it seamless

We know there’s nothing worse than landing in a new city late on a Sunday night, desperately needing working wifi and a good night’s sleep, only to find that there’s no one to let you into your furnished suite, or the Internet’s not working, or there’s no soap in the bathroom. And it’s not like you can call the home office at 9pm on a Sunday.

Our clients – relocation companies, HR departments, insurance companies, and individuals – come back to us year after year because they know that they never have to worry. Their suite will be waiting for them, their keys will be available, and in the rare event that there is a problem, we have a real live person on-call 24/7. (And our welcome bags mean that there’s always a snack and toiletries, no matter what time it is.)

Sometimes it makes sense to think small

We think that when it comes to a ‘home from home’, thinking small is actually an advantage.  Because when a company gets to know you, you can trust that you’ll have a stay that works for you – no matter what your preferences.

Today Living Group is a leading provider of executive corporate furnished suites and customized property management of investment condos in Canada. TLG is a proud member of CHPA and The ASAP and has supplier diversity certification from WBE Canada and WE Connect as a proud Women Owned Business.

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