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Monthly Condo Maintenance Checklist

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Maintenance & Security Tips for TLG tenants

  • Balcony Door – ensure that your balcony door is secured


  • Heat Pump – check the filter and make sure it is not clogged or dirty, it can be removed, rinsed out in your shower, dried and reinstalled


  • Laundry Room Dryer Vent – the property manager has recommend a regular monthly vacuuming or clearing of the Laundry Room Dryer Vent to maintain the appliances efficiency which will ultimately reduce your electrical bill, the lint trap or vent can be accessed by a hatch in the ceiling of the laundry room, please ensure that the vent is vacuumed or cleared of lint regularly to ensure best performance – clean the dryer lint trap after each and every load of laundry

    Please remember that our in-suite clothing dryers have a double lint trap in addition to a condenser unit. Lint collects on the door mounted 2-screen lint trap and both the outer screen as well as the finer inner screen need to be cleaned each and every load. The other item that you need to watch is the condensate trap. This is a drawer along the bottom of the dryer and the bottom grill needs to be pulled out to access. This condensate trap needs to be cleaned every 5 loads or each month for the average person.


  • Exercise The Valves – the washer and dryer units as well as the dishwasher are controlled by valves, and should be turned off when you leave for extended times, also, please turn them on and off monthly which will exercise the valves and keep them lubricated and in optimal working condition


  • Washing Machine – the water supply should be shut off when not in use, this will prevent excess water pressure from building up and minimize the potential for the pipe bursting and causing water damage, please ensure that the water supply is in the off position when not using the Washing Machine.  You should also leave your door slightly ajar after use for so the machine can dry out.


  • Smoke Detector – should be vacuumed monthly to ensure optimal functioning


  • DishWasher – for best operation of the Dishwashers drying cycle, please use JetDry.  We also recommend purchasing a dishwasher cleaner that can be run once a month for optimal operation.


  • Kitchen – always activate the exhaust fan when cooking and for about 10 minutes after cooking to exhaust all odours


  • Bathroom – always activate the exhaust fax when showering or bathing and about 10 minutes after completion, this will remove moist stagnant air from the suite and reduce the possibility of condensation


  • Kitchen Fan – remove the filter monthly and wash it in the dishwasher


  • Suite Showers – The rubber nozzles on the showers should be cleaned by rubbing the shower head with your hand while it is wet, make sure you flex each and every rubber nozzle on the fixture, this will minimize mineral deposits and allow you shower to operate at its best


  • Appliance Information – only use liquid fabric softer with your washing machine, poured into the liquid fabric softener dispenser of the washing machine, use high efficiency detergent only, never use fabric softener sheet


Finally, please remember that should you come across anything in the suite that is malfunctioning, broken or you are having problems with, please let us know at your very earliest so that they can be corrected.


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