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Vote for Michelle White for CHPA Board of Directors

Michelle White has been nominated to run for CHPA Board of Directors

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Today Living Group is excited to announce that our very own Michelle White has been nominated to run for a position on the CHPA Corporate Housing Providers Association Board of Directors for the next term.


Michelle has been in the Corporate Housing industry for 30 years and was a proud founding member of the Canadian chapter of CHPA. Michelle served on the Board as President for 5 years and in later years as an advisor.  Michelle has volunteered her time to CHPA over the years in planning the many CHPA Canadian events including the Canadian Reception at the annual conferences.



This year in 2020, Today Living Group was awarded the great honour of CHPA Company of the Year Award. In prior years TLG won Best Philanthropic Community Program Award.


Michelle is looking forward to continuing her service to CHPA by being elected to the Board of Directors for this next term.


Voting has begun, and will continue until the end of the month. We know that Michelle is an excellent choice for the job and hope to have your support.


Her candidate statement is below. Furthermore, you can view her interview video here:

Michelle White, CCHP | President- Today Living Group | Toronto, Ontario

Q: What is the greatest challenge facing the corporate housing industry and how is CHPA poised to address this challenge?

There is no road map for what we are all experiencing. The past 38 weeks have transformed or thrown us into a new state of reality, calling on us to be more flexible and creativity than ever before. This “outside the box thinking” does not come naturally to all and many are looking for direction. The majority of the membership is under 5 million in revenue and may not have the resources to pay for guidance and mentorship. CHPA has the opportunity to create new programs, information flows, and a mindset shift which is so desperately needed right now.

Q: What is the greatest opportunity you see currently for the association?

Now is the time for “fresh air” and new thinking to be shared with the membership. While our traditional way of meeting at the annual conference has been sidelined temporarily, we have the opportunity to create new value with with CHPA by providing innovative ideas, new flows of thinking to sustain us through the current storm. There is opportunity you just have to keep your head up to find it. CHPA may be the life line many need right now. Ask a different set of questions, let’s get to the core and create new strategies and teach our membership how valuable CHPA is! We are the life line! Remember opportunity is born from a challenge so get excited, the next chapter will be amazing!

Q: What strength would you bring to the Board of Directors to benefit CHPA?

Outside of a few decades of experience, creating two Corporate Housing companies, one as an employee and the other as an owner I bring a prospective from both sides. The majority of member companies are less than 5 million in revenue, and I represent the majority of the CHPA membership in business size. Managing hundreds vs thousands of suites insights different questions and needs. The majority will now have a “seat at the table” working together and understanding all needs.

I also founded the Canadian Chapter of CHPA, serving as President for 5 years and subsequent years as an advisor as well as overseeing the Canadian Reception at the Annual Conference.

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